Industries Served

Distribution Centers And Warehouses

We fully understand the concern you have when it comes to moving goods through a supply chain.

As goods move from manufacturer to supplier, there are many possible risks that can happen including possible damage and theft.

Whether on the delivery vehicle or when stored in warehouses, you want that assurance and guarantee for your goods to be protected from the changing environmental risks that can lead to irreparable damage.

Commercial Construction

Nationwide Guard provides 24-hour a day security for your construction site, keeping it safe from theft, vandalism and unauthorized entry. Both the residential and commercial construction sectors have many diverse security needs. From a fully manned guard presence, to an unarmed response service, we tailor our solutions to ensure your installations and personnel receive the right level of security.

Residential Communities and HOA's

Whether you are a property manager, an HOA officer, or another decision-maker in your community, you already know that your residents expect nothing less than excellence when it comes to residential security services. After all, one big reason they are with you is precisely because they wanted to beat those frightening burglary statistics. And when you team up with Nationwide Guard they can do just that.

Property Management

Nationwide Guard is dedicated to providing your property with the best quality security services. Each member of our team is trained to the highest standards in the security industry, utilizing state-of- the art equipment and technology. Our highly trained guards are always ready to take on your property management needs. At Nationwide Guard Services, we take care of everything. From protecting your property to maintaining a safe work environment, you can trust we have the experience to safely and efficiently handle the job. We are aware that property management entails a lot of roles to fill. And one of the most important roles is securing your tenants and your assets.