About Us


Nationwide Guard Services is a private security company that provides unarmed guard services throughout the greater Southern California area. Our fully trained security officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week protecting your business from burglary and vandalism. Since 1984, I have pledged to only provide the best client protection service there is.   I founded Nationwide Guard Services that consists of a group of professionals who share the same level of integrity, vigilance, helpfulness, and commitment to the job.  We are a family-owned security business, united by a common cause and mutual respect. We value and highly practice the proper selection and training of personnel, excellent supervision work, sound management services, and business ethics.  Over the years, I have learned that the most rewarding benefit of working in the security industry is the knowledge that our success as a company comes from the trust and loyalty of our customers. In my opinion, this is also the main reason why my employees, including myself, are proud to be part of the Nationwide Guard Services family. Since then and until now, I still fulfill my promise to deliver the highest protection of Commitement, Service, and Excellence to every person who becomes part of the Nationwide Family.
Defending you always,

John L. Woolen

What Nationwide Brings to the Table

Since 1984, we have successfully delivered unparalleled security and safety services. We’ve had a fulfilling journey coming to where we are today and are confident that we are the right team for your security needs. Some of the benefits in partnering with Nationwide includes:

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Business Continuity

Security issues can disrupt your tenant’s ability to operate. Also, are you prepared for natural disasters and reacting to them when they occur?

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Protecting Assets

The challenge is always to minimize the risk of loss of physical and intellectual assets. Nationwide is equipped with the knowledge and ability to keep you and your property secure. 

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Controlling Security Costs

In an uncontrolled, unmanaged environment, the total cost of the contract can add up quickly due to your staff’s time and efforts overseeing the security department. Nationwide manages proactively and discusses the contract pricing and trends throughout the year.

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Greater Return on Your Security Investment

A cost-effective security program delivers your required service levels while working within budget restrictions. A proactive, security management team addresses ancillary areas impacted by security, to lower total operating costs. These include introducing technology to increase productivity and lower labor costs, continually seeking more efficient scheduling to lower cost, and regularly reviewing security staffing to take advantage of knowing how to serve a facility better.

What we bring to the table

The Team

Providing Professional Protection for Your Home or Business

Nationwide Guard has been keeping families and businesses safe since 1984 with our highly trained security specialist officers.

As a family-run business, our relationships and reputation are paramount. Nationwide Guard provides the same level of expertise as the largest security firms, but also offers something the big guys cannot- complete and utter dedication and attention to your specific account. We pride ourselves in offering many different security solutions to our clients, including outstanding staff and service, cutting-edge technology, and round-the-clock coverage.

What separates Nationwide from its competitors is our Team’s dedication to understanding and catering to individual clients’ security needs, as well as our transparency and responsiveness. 

Strong relationships and good listening skills are essential ingredients to tailoring a unique program for each client. Give us a call today to see why so many others in Southern California have chosen Nationwide Guard to serve and protect .

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