Logistics and warehousing

Secure and protect every step of your supply chain

Logistics and Warehousing

Nationwide Guard Services is proud to work with businesses that are relentless in their pursuit of safety. We provide experienced, licensed and bonded security officers that can prove to be cost effective as well as an invaluable resource for your business. Our guards have experience in all areas of asset protection and can provide unarmed protection to your business at a moments notice.

We fully understand the concern

you have when it comes to moving goods through a supply chain.

As goods move from manufacturer to supplier, there are many possible risks that can happen including possible damage and theft.

Whether on the delivery vehicle or when stored in warehouses, you want that assurance and guarantee for your goods to be protected from the changing environmental risks that can lead to irreparable damage.

You simply cannot afford to operate and grow when security is weak in a supply chain.

The large volume of traffic, indoor and outdoor activities, products, machines, staff access, and even the direct layout of your warehouse all play a role in your security plan.

Nationwide Guard Services

Nationwide Guard Services is fully capable of securing your supply chain activities, both for your logistics and warehousing needs. We provide the following:

Nationwide Guard offers flexible, comprehensive logistics security services. As your single source for full-time and back-up personnel, we provide experienced, licensed, and bonded guards that can provide a number of other valuable functions for your business. (CTA)