Commercial Construction

Securing your construction site every step of the way

Commercial Construction

Nationwide Guard provides 24-hour a day security for your construction site, keeping it safe from theft, vandalism and unauthorized entry. Both the residential and commercial construction sectors have many diverse security needs. From a fully manned guard presence, to an unarmed response service, we tailor our solutions to ensure your installations and personnel receive the right level of security.

We fully understand the concern

Nationwide Guard is a full-service security company made specifically for your construction site. This means that you can have third-party security professionals taking care of securing your site and ensuring the safety of the equipment present there.

Nationwide Guard uses licenced security officers and equipment to ensure your construction sites are kept safe, secure and protected from criminals who may want to steal building materials, tools or machinery. Securing your construction site guarantees your projects’ success, and allows you the peace of mind to focus on your project.

Nationwide Guard Services

Nationwide has extensive experience in working with General Contractors and various construction companies. Nationwide will assess your site and place officers for asset protection on your project.
We provide:

No matter the size of your construction project, Nationwide Guard will make sure you have full-service security ready to go.