Recruiting and Training

Security TrainingWith our customized security programs and continuous officer training, Nationwide Guard Services has the capabilities to meet virtually every kind of security that you might need, both short and long term.

Security Training
All of our offices are locally recruited from the areas they will be working. We only recruit applicants within the areas we serve. With this being said, all of the officers working for you will be familiar with the area and in close proximity if any additional services are requested.

Nationwide strives for diversity in the workplace. Because of this, we always try to have at least one officer that is bi-lingual on site. We see this as a distinct advantage due to the Southern California workforce being so diverse and multi-national.

Nationwide Guard Services, Inc. recruits applicants through many outside sources including, but not limited to job fairs, internet-via, newspaper advertising, CalJobs, and various government agencies.

  • All our Officers are local, recruited from the areas they serve.
  • We are a Diverse employer, with many Bi-Lingual officers


We ensure all Nationwide Security officers are properly attired while on duty by issuing a full set of uniforms. Our uniforms are tailored to present a neat, professional appearance of Nationwide security officers to your facility.

Uniforms are initially issued for one season at a time. As seasons change the employee is scheduled to come in for issuance of the proper seasonal uniform, if applicable. This allows the opportunity to alter the fit of the uniform as appropriate. We also provide replacement uniforms due to normal wear-and-tear, or damaged while performing certain job tasks and responsibilities. Normal replacement is planned on an annual basis. At your request, more than our standard sets of uniforms will be issued and pricing adjusted as appropriate.

Nationwide security officers are instructed to act in a reserved and business-like manner at all times, and to practice proper grooming. All uniforms and equipment are maintained in a clean and serviceable condition.

  • All uniforms shall be clean and pressed
  • Uniforms will consist of standard issued items only
  • The uniform hat (if requested) shall be centered and straight
  • Wearing non-regulation uniform apparel shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action

Safety Program

Safety ProgramNationwide strictly complies with all OSHA regulations and constantly updates its Safety Program to ensure safety procedures, equipment and supplies are current and up to standards.

Pre-Assignment Safety Training
At the time of hiring, during the pre-assignment training, new employees receive basic safety training and orientation to Nationwide Guard Services, Inc. Safety Program policies, topics cover:

  • Risk control & Injury Prevention
  • Universal Precautions
  • Hazard communications & chemical safety procedures
  • Fire life safety & earthquake preparedness
  • Nationwide Guard’s safety policy guidelines

Site Specific Traning

Initial Assignment Safety Training

Safety Committees
Distribution Center SecurityTo more effectively manage site safety issues, Nationwide creates an on site Safety Committee, based on the size of the property. The committee meets monthly, or more frequently as needed. Its functions include developing and reviewing site safety rules; reviewing accident trends, analyzing records and reports, and taking the appropriate corrective actions as necessary.

In Addition, after completion of the safety orientation class, Nationwide’s site supervisor, or manager provides specific safety training applicable to hazards unique to the employee’s job assignment. Site topics include:

  • Safe operating procedures
  • Location, use of safety & personal protective equipment
  • Use of tools & equipment, lifting & material handling equipment
  • Proper ergonomic procedures & lifting techniques for the tasks assigned
  • Machine & tool Officers, emergency stop control locations & use
  • Rules for reporting safety violations, accidents, & near-misses
  • Emergency plans & procedures, evacuation routes, assembly locations, & emergency actions
  • Location & use of fire alarm pull boxes
  • Hazard Communication: Specific hazards for work area chemicals and locations

Post Orders


Before the initiation of any new security job, Nationwide management will always complete a security analysis. Any post orders already in place will be reviewed and analyzed for effectiveness. Nationwide will also meet with management directly to determine precise job specifications and to identify potential problem areas.

From the security analysis and other information regarding your security needs, Nationwide management will prepare a complete set of written instructions for security personnel. Such orders will address all routine functions common to most sites including trespass control, fire watch, watchman clock patrol, trash removal, energy conservation and other relevant topics.

Additionally, based on client-specific requirements, the post orders may be detailed to cover any contingency. Once drafted and evaluated for thoroughness, post orders will be presented for client approval.


  • Nationwide’s established post orders are reviewed every 90-180 days
  • Upon inspection, Nationwide management will make those amendments necessary to enhance the quality of security service.
  • Finally, any necessary re-training of Nationwide employees will be routinely provided.


Realizing the importance of a smooth transition, Nationwide Guard Services’ objective is to avoid any disruption in service, and integrate our services seamlessly.

HandsTo accomplish this, the following methodology for service program conversion had been established.

The time considerations for transitions of security services, whether existing or newly developed, are subject to many factors that play a part in a smooth start-up. Due to any of these, the transition plan could be expanded or reduced as necessary.

1st Week

  • Initial Award. Upon award, the uniform style should be decided. Start date and time is agreed upon and a review of any existing personnel whom you would prefer to retain is accomplished.
  • Supervisor candidates should be introduced. One should be selected as soon as possible.
  • Your management group should express clear thoughts regarding personnel requirements.
  • Personality preferences should be discussed.

2nd Week

  • Begin relating to site requirements, reviewing existing procedures and discuss updates and/or changes in written orders that Nationwide needs to accomplish.
  • Meeting(s) should discuss progress of developing any written procedures required by Nationwide or your management group.
  • Training requirements will be planned and discussed.

3rd Week

  • If you plan to meet new personnel selected for your facilities, these meetings should begin taking place now. It helps our supervisory group a great deal if you are able to offer honest feedback on these initial interviews.

4th Week

  • Account Begins
  • Last-Minute clarifications while building post orders and procedures are finalized.



Private Security Guard TechnologySecurity professional are called upon more and more to document their activities, verify the areas they toured during their shifts, and be reachable at all times via cell and GPS.

This documentation helps limit property owners’ and managers’ liability by demonstrating appropriate security is being provided. Additionally, security staff are more thorough in their tours knowing their exact progress is tracked by GPS time and location.
Nationwide’s Tracking System records date, time and location when the officer moves thru your location. Each pre-designated location is identified by a RFID tab, as well as minute by minute GPS location, with a history of the Officers patrol route.

Our system is quick and easy to use and takes less than ¼ second to record rout information in the GPS device. Reports can be generated on a day by day basis, or as needed by the client.

The Nationwide GPS Tracking System includes:

  • A cell phone with unlimited cell and data
  • A specific report generator that will adapt to the information you want to see, including Daily Activity Reports, Incident Reports, Lighting reports, as well as any other specific form you would like us to create.
  • RFID tags that are placed in strategic areas you want the officer to pay close attention to.

The Nationwide Guard Services, Inc. Operations Center is staffed by full-time dispatch personnel on a twenty-four hour, seven-day per week basis. The dispatchers respond to security officers out in the field as well as client’s emergencies, problems or questions.

Responding to field emergencies are field supervisors, also on-duty (and on-call) twenty-four hours daily, seven days per week. Both dispatchers and field supervisors respond and report to the Operations Manager, as well as the Scheduling Manager, all of whom act as Nationwides’ management representatives at all hours of the day and night. Responsible for scheduling and direction of security personnel, they can provide immediate response, as well as direct contact for our clients at any time.

It is our opinion that major accounts could not be adequately administered or represented by our staff without a twenty-four hour, seven day per week operations center, especially in the response to an emergency situation.

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